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Welcome to Asclepius Coaching and Consulting by
Jenny Lee, MD, ACC

Empowering people to change their world

I'm Dr. Jenny Lee. I'm a professional development and executive leadership coach, senior associate dean, physician, professor, scientist, and mother.

I will partner with you to provide solution and action-oriented coaching and consulting. The changes you want can be big or small, personal or all encompassing, or anything in between.

Asclepius Coaching and Consulting, LLC empowers healthcare and other professionals to achieve their career and leadership potential, drive transformative change, enhance organizational effectiveness, prioritize well-being, and catalyze personal and professional growth. 


Clients receive:

  • Personalized guidance and support tailored to your unique and specific situation

  • A safe and confidential environment to openly discuss your concerns and aspirations​

  • Customized coaching, consulting, and mentoring that center around solutions that align with your goals

  • Creation of action plans, milestones, and methods to measure progress and success

  • A coaching partnership that you can extend over longer durations to allow for continuous growth and development

  • A commitment to be supportive and responsive to your needs

Would you like to have a coaching conversation?

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