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  • I am a senior associate dean, professor, and pediatric anesthesiologist at a large, prestigious academic medical institution.

  • My clients are from multiple organizations, including Stanford, Vanderbilt, Case Western University, the University of Pennsylvania, Emory, Duke, Pennsylvania State University, and industry.

  • I founded the Women's Empowerment and Leadership Initiative    . We have members from more than 70 institutions across the United States and Canada as well as a chapter in Australia and New Zealand. Physicians of all genders have joined.

  • I have led and contributed to teams that have won more than $7.5 million in grants.

  • My coaching and professional development and leadership seminars are for physicians, scientists, educators, and managers of all genders.

  • The Association of American Medical Colleges Group on Women in Medicine and Science recognized my work and expertise with a Leadership Award.

  • I am credentialed by the International Coaching Federation, certified in group coaching, and trained in mindfulness.

  • I am most proud of my family (husband and 2 sons).

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